Mozilla Firefox 106.0.2 released to fix a series of problems

Mozilla continues its work on the Firefox browser with another minor revision to the main version 106 released earlier this month. Firefox 106.0.2 is now available for download, and given that this is a revision to the original version 106, no new features are included.

One of the bugs addressed by this released update is for Windows users, as it was discovered that in some cases the browser would not open when installed from the Microsoft Store (the company still calls it the Windows Store).

The following is the complete list of fixes available as part of Firefox 106.0.2.

Fix missing content on some PDF forms (bug 1794351).

Fix column widths in the Notifications sub-panel in Settings (bug 1793558).

Fix browser stuck when accessibility feature is enabled on some websites (e.g. Proxmox Web UI) (bug 1793748).

Fix the issue that page reloading is not compatible with Firefox View and does not refresh the synchronized data (bug 1792680 and bug 1794474).

Fix the problem that the browser cannot be opened if installed from Windows Store (bug 1796391).

All the improvements belonging to Firefox 106 are also included in this new version, for example, Firefox 106 supports fixing the private browsing window on the taskbar, something Mozilla users have been asking for a long time.

“Now you can edit PDF files with Firefox: including reading and writing text, drawing pictures and adding signatures. Setting Firefox as your default browser will now also make it the default PDF application on Windows systems.

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