Microsoft again to promote the Edge rounded transformation project: video playback full-screen view also changed to rounded corners

In the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary channel, Microsoft is vigorously promoting the rounded corner transformation project. After revamping the web canvas, netizens feedback that the full-screen view will also be changed to a rounded design when playing videos from YouTube and other video sites.

Microsoft has been using right-angle design since Win8, and abandoned the previous rounded corners and Aero effect, IT House learned that Microsoft reintroduced the rounded corner design in Win11, and recommended to promote to native applications such as Edge.

It is foreseeable that Microsoft will continue to promote the rounded corner transformation project of native applications such as Edge browser, and enable the rounded corner design in more places. Previously, in the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary channel, Microsoft enabled rounded corners for the web canvas.

As you can see from the image, the entire page canvas is shaded to give the impression of being slightly above the tab bar, toolbar and sidebar, and the four corners take on a rounded design. In full-screen mode, the scrollbars also have rounded corners.

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